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September 28 meeting at the Lake House
Taking Back Muskegon, Inc. - Michelle Tyson
Several members shared with RIM staffers how they enjoyed the awesome space at the VanDyk Mortgage Convention Center room where we met, as the next door Delta was busy hosting a big meeting. It was worth the additional walk! Next week we’re back to the Lake House.
As President Ginny looks on, Meredith Smillie lets us know we have another “Paul Harris Fellow Plus” among our midst and also a new Brave Rotarians contest will kick off Oct. 26. Rotarians who contribute $100 will be eligible to win a Paul Harris Fellow (equal to a $1,000 contribution to the Rotary International Foundation). Details coming soon of what will be a fun fall competition.
Our meetings are, for summer, held at the Lake House Waterfront Grille from noon to 1:15PM.
Doug Brown and his guest Irma Carney.
Add the ClubRunner app to your smartphone and have all Muskegon Rotary members on speed dial. This link is for members only.. How to video here.
Mark Meyers, a past Club president, thanks the Club for its support through the years. Mark is retiring as the Norton Shores city administrator and taking an economic development job with the city of Holland. He plans on joining the Holland club!
Marty Ferriby delivers the weekly Reflection, sharing the importance of patience with all the road construction, as President Ginny looks on.
October 26 EVENT
Put our Muskegon Rotary embroidered logo on any new piece of clothing or hat. See how on the Members Only page.
Pete DeBoer introduces his guest, Community Foundation for Muskegon County colleague and potential Rotary member Diana Giles.
President Ginny congratulated several “Rotarians in the News.” There was a time that clubs (good naturedly) fined members for making the news. Now we celebrate it!