We had a very successful food truck distribution at the Muskegon Heights-Temple Methodist Church location this past Wednesday. September 22. Seventy five hundred (7,500) pounds of fresh fruit, produce, milk, and frozen meat was distributed to more than 125 vehicles, many representing multiple households.
We had a good volunteer turnout including eleven (11) Rotarians, four (4) staff from Every Woman’s Place, and a representative from the local Jackson Hewitt office who have decided to become active in the food truck program, following the lead of local Rotary involvement. The hard working Rotarians who assisted with the food truck included: Don Hutchins, Lisa Hegenbart, Chauncy Williams, Pat Walstra, Melissa Horton, Dave Alexander, Annette Jack, Kristi Nagengast, Larry Fife, Craig Wikander and Arn Boezaart.
Worth mentioning that we received two separate call-outs from the Muskegon Cooperating Churches organizers of the food truck program. They noted that Rotary involvement is greatly appreciated, and that Rotarians are a great and hard working group of volunteers that contribute very significantly to the success of the food trucks we participate in. Way to go Rotarians!!  
The next, and final food truck at the Muskegon Heights location will take place on Wednesday, November 17. It’s not too soon to get your name on the volunteer roster!
Arn Boezaart


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 Muskegon Rotary Grants Committee and Board Approve Grant’s to Enhance the Community
 The grants committee recently recommended and the board approved three grants to community organizations:
 1) $5,000 for Muskegon Public Art Initiative’s request for a 65’ x 12’ Hubert Massey mural, What Defines Muskegon, to be painted on Mercy Health Arena   2) $5,000 for the Beechwood Bluffton Neighborhood Assoc. request to create a fitness trail 
 3) $2,500 for the Lakeshore Art Festival to provide artist supplies and materials for family interactive activities.

Embark Rides

Embark Rides are occurring on Wednesday from 9:00 a.m - noon through July 21st.  Rides leave from Bunker Elementary.  Thee may also be a ride from Marquette Middle School form 8:30 a.m. - 11:20 a.m. on Thursday, July 15th (call below number if you are interested.
 If you are interested in   chaperoning a ride along with the kids, please contact Rob Taylor @ or 810-355-8361 ext help

The DEI book discussion subcommittee is back with some new opportunities.


We will once again be offering facilitated discussion on the Isabelle Wilkerson book, “CASTE” and adding economist, Heather McGhee’s book, “The Sum of Us”.  (Heather’s book will be of special interest to anyone interested in how to grow our economy. ) There are 10 copies of each book available for check out at the Community Foundation.


We are proposing something a bit different this time around.  In October , we will ask you to view an interview/ Ted Talk on your own and then come together for one session to talk about what you heard.  There will be 2 opportunities for each discussion.  Those who view the “Isabelle Wilkerson, Caste (with Bryan Stevenson” youtube presentation  can sign up to discuss it on Either Oct 6 or Oct. 13.  Those who view Heather McGee’s Ted Talk entitled “Racism has a cost for everyone” can sign up to discuss it on either Oct 20 or 27. 


Then, in November, those who chose to read one of the two books can sign up to discuss “Caste” on 2 consecutive Wednesdays, Nov 3 & 10.  Those who chose “ The Sum of Us” can sign up for 2 consecutive Tuesdays, Nov 2 & 9.


All sessions will be held via Zoom.


Sign up either on the clipboards at the meeting or email Nancy McCarthy.  This notice will also be in the RIM each week.  Looking forward to some great participation and conversation!